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AC Services

 We can provide you with a range of air conditioning services that include AC maintenance and repair. Call us today and we can make sure your AC unit is clean and running efficiently, so you feel cool in your home.  

Filter Clean

 Cleaning your filter is one of the most important parts of maintaining your AC unit. The filter has an important job of collecting the dust and debris before releasing it into your home, and when the filter is neglected, it can take a toll on the unit’s efficiency and the cleanliness of the air.  

Casing Clean

 The outside of your unit is exposed to all the elements from inside your house and outside your house. Keeping the casing of your unit clean ensures that your AC is running at the most efficient level possible.  

Blower Wheel Clean

 Your blower wheel needs to be kept clean in order to ensure the air movement within your unit is running smoothly. Any dirt or dust that has collected on the blades of your blower wheel will reduce your AC’s effectiveness.  

Coil Clean

 Air Conditioner coils are often exposed to debris and surface moisture which can cause a build up on their surface. This can hinder your system’s ability to provide you with cool air, and could ultimately decrease the lifespan of your air conditioning.  

Condenser Clean

 The condenser sits outside your home, and often collects a lot of outdoor debris. Cleaning this regularly is important to your safety and the efficiency of your air conditioning. Call us today and we can make sure your condenser is taken care of!  

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